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Sephora to open May 2nd, 2014


There's a date...and a space already! If you haven't been inside JCPenney recently you're probably thinking to yourself "where in the world is this Sephora going?" But, if you're a frequent JCPenney shopper (or a casual one on the weekends) you've noticed the dramatic tarps hanging and the signage stating, officially we might add, that Sephora is in fact coming to Duluth on May 2nd, 2014.

Back on October 5th, 2013 we reported of Sephora's planned entry into the Duluth market... and of course had a mass of people telling us our news wasn't true. Well, take a look at the construction barricades and tell us that now! Here's what you need to know about the Sephora opening in JCPenney. A lot of people are let down saying they wish we were getting a "full" inline Sephora store and that this store won't be a real store. Think again people, think again! In some ways, Sephora stores inside JCPenney are better in the fact that they receive different product and product that is only made for the JCPenney locations. The other thing that is a plus about Duluth receiving a Sephora with in JCPenney NOW instead of a few years ago, is that the newest prototype is being built here. Which means it is not only a larger space than the older versions, but it also is a "truer" Sephora environment (if that makes sense) meaning it feels less temporary and more like a full inline store. And let us just say one thing about these Sephora JCPenney stores... they look classy as can be.

Another plus to having a Sephora inside JCPenney is that it means that Sephora is paying attention to our market now. There are multitudes of malls in the U.S. that have both a Sephora in JCPenney along with an actual inline Sephora location in the mall. Just being JCPenney is getting Sephora doesn't mean that it rules out the possibility of having a full Sephora one day in the mall. 

You really can't miss the new Sephora store if you are coming into JCPenney as it sit right at the entry from the mall. You'll also notice it's size... it's big. Sephora took the place of part of the women's clothing area, specifically the Liz Claiborne area (don't fret ladies, your clothing just moved towards the front door) therefore it's in an easily accessible place from both store entries.

Applications for positions within the new location are available here.

So all you Sephora fans... and men don't forget they carry men's products and an extensive line of colognes too... mark those calendars for May 2nd 2014 when Sephora will officially call Duluth home. 




French cosmetic chain to enter Duluth market

It's 150% official, an associate for Sephora says, that Duluth finally will be graced with the presence of the Sephora brand later this year. While the brand won't be opening an official stand alone Sephora store, they will be almost there with a location that will open inside JCPenney's at the Miller Hill Mall.

If you're unaware of the Sephora brand, you might want to take a seat while we describe to you the company that is taking the U.S. by storm. Entering the U.S. market in 1998, Sephora now has over 1,700 locations in over 30 countries wordwide. The average Sephora store carries over 100 different brands, including their own Sephora brand. But it's not just cosmetics we are talking about here. Oh no. They carry a whole slew of things. We're talking about haircare, skincare, body products, fragrances, color, and of course, makeup. Sephora locations quite possibly could be best known for are their extensive lines of perfume and colognes that they carry. And yes, they carry products for men too!

So now let's explain how Sephora could possibly enter the Duluth market.... without having an actual stand alone store. In October of 2006 Sephora began opening stores within JCPenny's across the country. While these locations within JCPenney carry a lot of the same makeup, skincare, and fragrances as the typical stand alone stores, they also carry some products that cannot be found in a traditional Sephora store. Currently there are almost 400 Sephora locations in various JCPenney stores across the country. Now just because these locations aren't a stand alone Sephora, that doesn't mean that you're going to miss out on the Sephora experience. What happens is basically an entire (smaller) Sephora location is literally built within JCPenney. You'll feel as if you've walked into a Sephora location.... while still remaining inside JCPenney. It's a win win for both corporations and goes along with JCPenney's "shop within a shop" concept that they have been rolling out in various locations across the country.