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Build-A-Bear Workshop to renovate Duluth location

Build-A-Bear Workshop's newest store design | MDS

Build-A-Bear Workshop® is planning to freshen up their Miller Hill Mall location at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway by bringing the company's newest store design to the Twin Ports.

Planning for a Duluth Build-A-Bear Workshop® location stretches all the way back to 2011 when the company made it public that it was opening a location within the Miller Hill Mall. In October 2014 the Duluth location finally opened at the Miller Hill Mall in a space that formerly housed Torrid, a plus-sized women's clothing store.

When the construction barricades for Build-A-Bear Workshop® came down it was somewhat surprising to see that not much had changed architecturally from what was in place from the tenant before, which is very unlikely for the company's new stores. The company's signature yellow and blue tones covered the space in a fresh coat of paint, however the space didn't feature the whimsical bear land (to it's fullest extent) that customers often find within their stores.


On March 9th construction bids were submitted by various companies for $299,999 worth of work on behalf of Build-A-Bear Workshop® at the Miller Hill Mall. That's more than just some fresh paint on the walls. It's a full renovation.

Last year Build-A-Bear Workshop® debuted a new store prototype design that has now begun to be rolled out across the country. The company had previously been hurting in sales and was looking for new ways to engage customers, while elevating the brand. The solution was in their store design.

Build-A-Bear Workshop at Mall of America | MDS

Mall of America was one of the first locations to receive this design in the country. It's far more modern than the previous design and uses the blue and yellow colors in block formations. This means that instead of the facade being clad in both colors like it previously was, it now is clad in custom blue metal that was designed and crafted just for Build-A-Bear Workshop®. With the exterior being blue, the interior naturally takes on the yellow color, allowing the company to main their roots while introducing a simpler and cleaner look.

Duluth's 2,154 square foot location will be completely renovated from head to toe, well, ceiling to floor, including a new storefront and all new interior. Inside customers will be able to create characters by using a number of interactive stations along.


An interactive storefront will allow customers to engage with digital signage embedded in the facade that can change depending on the seasons, holiday, and special events. Directly inside there store will be the Choose Me station where guests will find all the characters Build-A-Bear Workshop® has to offer. From there they'll move onto the Love Me station which uses an interactive digital table that allows guests to add unique traits to a heart that is then placed within their character.

Hear Me station | Build-A-Bear Workshop®

The Hear Me station uses an interactive touch screen with a number of sounds that can be inserted inside the character, even allowing guests to put their favorite music or their own voice on a chip that can be inserted into the character. How cool is that?

From the Hear Me station guests move to the Stuff Me station where their character is filled with stuffing and becomes that adorable, huggable character they've always wanted. New to Build-A-Bear Workshop® are SCENTIments, allowing guests characters to smell like bubble gum, strawberry, cotton candy, or even chocolate chip! Don't let the family dog get too close when you get home or you might find yourself visiting Build-A-Bear Workshop® again quite soon.

Logically the next step is to close the seams and complete the character. Here's what's REALLY cool. Build-A-Bear Workshop® now has a program called "Find-A-Bear ID" which inserts a barcode within each character. This allows the character to be reunited with their owner if ever lost as the person who finds it can bring it to any Build-A-Bear Workshop® and the owner will be notified. 

This barcode also generates a unique code that guests receive on their character's birth certificate... yes, birth certificate, that allows their character to come to life online where they can play games and do all sorts of things with their new friend.

Name Me station | Build-A-Bear Workshop®

The Fluff Me station is where guest's characters can take a bath in a digital bath tub (hello 21st century) which can recognize items placed in it and response with sensory effects. Naturally the character will need some clothing because who let's stuffed animals go naked these days? Just visit Dress Me station which includes tons of character clothing and Match Me technology which allows guests to see what's new and also suggest outfits.

Last by not least, it's time to visit the Name Me station. Here guests use a viewfinder that reveals all the attributes and personality traits within their character. A name is picked and a birth certificate, which even includes a photo of their character, is created.

Now it's time to head home... but not too quick! Visit the Take Me Home station which resembles a Build-A-Bear Workshop Cub Condo® to receive your membership and reward program details, along with the birth certificate you printed, and of course the Cub Condo carrying case for your character to ensure they're safe for their travels back home.

You never know so much went into building a stuffed animal did ya? Now you know. 

Build-A-Bear Workshop® will most likely move to a temporary space within the mall while renovations are completed. Construction will begin this Spring with a completion in Summer 2016.

Super One begins renovation of Plaza Shopping Center location

In five months Super One will debut an entirely new look at their Superior Street location in East Duluth. The Duluth News Tribune spoke of the project today that will include a floor to ceiling renovation and even an expansion.

You might be asking yourself where in the world an expansion could occur in such a dense area... right next door is your answer.

The former Mr. Movies space along with a space behind the building will be used in order to expand the current store by 7,600 square feet bringing the total to 37,000 square feet, a 20 percent increase according to the DNT.

Above: Super One's newest store in Superior, WI

When the Plaza Shopping Center's renovation is complete the space will feature new flooring and display cases, restrooms, and an entirely new color scheme of gold, green, burgundy, and blue. That yellow that has been so prominently displayed in Super One stores over the years is taking a more muted placed within the new store design.

Above: New store interior design (DSGW Architects)

Above: New store interior design (DSGW Architects)

Besides the interior finishes of the space the deli will move to the southeast side allowing for the creation of a seating area that will look over Lief Erickson Park and of course the beautiful Lake Superior.

The Mr. Movies space once completely gutted and the walls separating the two spaces come down will become the produce area and open in August. Once the produce section moves it will allow for the renovation of the rest of the store to begin.

The exterior will also receive a renovation, sporting two entrances once complete and of course the exterior signature design that Super One has adopted over the years (pictured above).

The expansion and renovation is scheduled to be complete before the first of the year.

Victoria's Secret to remodel; open freestanding Pink store

Victoria's Secret will undergo a remodel as they separate their Pink store from their full inline store. What does this mean exactly? Pink, the shop that sells all types of loungewear and lingerie, is getting it's own retail space to call home! Now, this is the opposite of what happens often in the retail world. 

Current Pink store prototype design  (Image NOT property of CDINDULUTH)

Current Pink store prototype design (Image NOT property of CDINDULUTH)

Victoria's Secret underwent a remodel at the Miller Hill Mall over five years ago which involved a complete store rebuild, along with the addition of the full "Pink" store concept. Pink was introduced in 2002 and has grown today to include sales of over $2 billion. We'd say that's a sign that a concept store is doing pretty well and it therefore logically makes sense that the company would look to branch off the Pink stores into their own concept stores, unattached to Victoria's Secret stores. What might be even bigger news is that the current Victoria's Secret store at the Miller Hill Mall will also receive a full remodel to bring it up to date to the company's most current prototype. 

Above Images: Interior of the new prototype design  (Images NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Above Images: Interior of the new prototype design (Images NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Looks pretty nice, right? By creating a freestanding Pink store, the mall will see the closure of Aerie, which is owned and operated by American Eagle (technically their version of Victoria's Secret). That store's presence will not leave the mall in it's entirety as it will consolidate it's operations within their newly remodeled American Eagle store at the Miller Hill Mall. Aerie's former space will become home to the new Pink store, while the entire Victoria's Secret store will undergo a remodel in order to take over the vacated Pink space. That means Duluthians will be seeing not only a larger, freestanding Pink store, but also a larger and brand new Victoria's Secret store.

Above Images: Interior of the new prototype design  (Images NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Above Images: Interior of the new prototype design (Images NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Those new Victoria Secret stores look pretty classy... don't they?

While the Pink store is expected to look very similar to the much smaller/attached store at the current Victoria's Secret location, the newly remodeled Victoria's Secret store is expected to look much different. Their current prototype is much heavier in its design elements. The store layout continues to feature multiple rooms, while the interior rooms are either very dark (covered almost entirely in black) or otherwise very light (covered appropriately in pink). The biggest change that customers will notice is the storefront of the new Victoria Secret store. No longer does it feature black and creme marble, but rather now it features an array of vertical pink stripes that are backlit. Yes. The ENTIRE store glows.

Exterior of the new prototype design  (Image NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Exterior of the new prototype design (Image NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

The renovations are expected to begin promptly with an opening for Pink expected by the end of the summer and the completion of the Victoria's Secret space expected to be complete by Fall. 

All we have to say... Expect to see an absolutely stunning Victoria's Secret store come fall. The new prototype is truly beautiful.