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Pizza Ranch confirms Duluth location

Your pizza wish will soon be granted. Pizza Ranch is coming to Duluth.

We posted an article on Monday regarding the possibility of Pizza Ranch opening within Duluth. At that point in time the news was based off various sources including those from Pizza Ranch restaurants themselves. It was pretty clear though that there was quite a bit of talk going on regarding Pizza Ranch and Duluth... yet there was no official announcement.

Exterior of a typical Pizza Ranch location   |   SIPA

Exterior of a typical Pizza Ranch location  |  SIPA

We received confirmation from Pizza Ranch officials this week that Duluth is in fact on the list for a new location, actually at the very top of the list. While an exact opening date has yet to be determined it is expected that the location will open this fall representatives told us.

The company has yet to release the exact location of where the Duluth Pizza Ranch will be however we feel pretty safe to say that it will be in the former Party America location pictured above at the Stone Ridge Shopping Center. It's the location where we have heard countless sources explain to us that Pizza Ranch is opening up shop and those sources include some Pizza Ranch servers themselves.  

An extensive renovation will need to take place both on the exterior and interior in order to ready the space for Pizza Ranch. Work on adding and relocating utilities has already been said to have begun on the interior.


News of Pizza Ranch's first Twin Ports location comes on the heels of the opening of Pizza Hut's second Duluth restaurant at the Shops of BlueStone. Pizza Hut is making it's entry back into the Twin Port's market after having a single store for nearly a year.

The new store within the Shops at BlueStone's recently completed third phase is located at the corner of Woodland Avenue and Clover Street. Another location is planned for a former Pizza Hut space at the corner of Central Avenue and Grand Avenue in West Duluth. It is expected to open next month.

The new Pizza Hut | WingStreet store location at the Shops at BlueStone on Woodland Avenue

Pizza Hut use to have four Twin Ports locations but in 2014 two of the four closed due to issues with the franchise agreement ( a third in Superior closed to make way for a Kwik Trip location). The company's location at BlueStone is expected to be a replacement for the former location on London Road.

The Shops at BlueStone and Grand Avenue locations are not expected to be the last additions for Pizza Hut within the Twin Ports. Sources within the past few months have been stating that Pizza Hut is planning to replace their Central Entrance location with a new location in a planned retail center on site. The new location would feature the company's new sports bar prototype, a concept that made its debut in St. Cloud last year and more recently in Downtown Minneapolis this past summer.

The Shops at BlueStone Pizza Hut location also features the company's WingStreet concept. WingStreet serves three different wing types covered in one of 12 different sauces or four different dry rubs. The concept is also known for their seasoned fries.

The Grand Avenue location will also be dual branded as Pizza Hut | WingStreet location when it opens next month.

New Domino's prototype coming to Hermantown

Domino's will be opening their sixth area location next month in Hermantown. The new store will be located at the Sugar Maple Crossings development at the corner of Miller Trunk Highway and Sugar Maple Drive in Hermantown. 

While you may be expecting to just be another Domino's location and may in fact be grunting at the news right now, rest assured as it will in fact not be. Get ready for something special as Domino's will be introducing their newest prototype to the area. It's called a "Pizza Theater" and it's quite the experience.

"It'll be very similar to the look and feel of Noodles and Company" developer Stevie Paulson of Platinum Properties told us when we spoke with him recently. While 1,600 square foot space still fits within the typical size of a Domino's location the decor and overall feel of the environment is vastly different.

Customers will have the option to dine in with seating for around 20 people in store. Typically most stores are only carry out or delivery and if they do by chance feature any seating at all it is a very limited amount. 

The other difference with this concept is that all of the preparation of your pizza is right in front of you. Domino's is embracing their revamped menu including the freshness of their ingredients and want customers to see and know just how their pizza is being made. This pizza "show" is what gives the concept the "Pizza Theater" name.

Above: Domino's Pizza Theater location in downtown Tacoma, WA. (Image proved by Gnich Architecture Studio)

Above: Domino's Pizza Theater location in downtown Tacoma, WA. (Image proved by Gnich Architecture Studio)

Domino's will fill the last remaining vacant space in phase two construction at Sugar Maple Crossing which includes a new 5,000+ square foot retail building. The building has yet to finish construction and is already fully leased which shows just how strong the demand is in the commercial market right now.

Domino's plans to open around the first of January while Burger King next door plans to open a few weeks later in Mid January.

Make sure to check back to CDINDULUTH in the coming month for photos of both these finished projects along with news and information about many of the other developments occurring within the Duluth area!