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2100 London Road has a name... and retailers.

Duluth, meet Endi. It's the name for Harbor Bay's 2100 London Road (now 2120 London Road officially) project being developed at the intersection of London Road and 21st Avenue East.

It's a unique name... so how did the project get it? Well, it's quite simple actually. The project is named after East Duluth. A long time ago when Duluth was growing, East Duluth was actually a number of communities including Endion (coming from the Chippewa Indian language meaning "my", "yours" or "his home"). The neighborhood was also home to the Endion Passenger Depot. So, chop of the last two letters and you arrive at modern version of the name, Endi. The logo itself features a faded image of Lake Superior along with the coordinates where Endi is located.

The project, which has been under construction for about 8 months, is the first of it's kind luxury apartment project to be constructed in Duluth. The 6 story building will include 148 market rate apartments ranging from studios to two bedroom units along with a number of amenities including an amazing outdoor area. The building will also include 12,900 square feet of retail space... with some the tenants being... drum roll please...


Caribou Coffee and Papa Murphy's.

Caribou Coffee will open a location on the ground floor of the project at the intersection of 21st Avenue East and London Road. This new retail location will be Duluth's fourth Caribou Coffee and will be the first to feature a drive through. It's been clear for almost two years now that Caribou was interested in locating at the site.

When plans emerged that a new development was to occur on the former Burger King site Caribou Coffee's name came up pretty quickly. At one point in time plans were submitted to the city of Duluth showing a new freestanding Burger King to developed on the property along with a freestanding Caribou Coffee. Not long after those plans emerged a new set of plans took the spotlight showcasing a mixed-use development by Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors. We always had our speculations that Caribou Coffee would continue to be part of the retail mix on site no matter what form the project took.

Construction work progessES at Endi | CDINDULUTH

The second retailer to locate in the project will be Papa Murphy's. The fact that Papa Murphy's will open another Duluth location shows their belief in the market. For years the company had a single location in West Duluth which was then followed by a location at the Kenwood Shopping Center near Super One. Both are still open today and this past fall a third, and much needed, location opened in the Stone Ridge Shopping Center next to... Caribou Coffee. 

While the exact locations where these retailers will be located within Endi has yet to be announced (Caribou is a given as there is only one retail space with a drive thru) we can begin to guess on how much space they will take up. 1,625 square feet is the size of a standard Caribou Coffee however the location proposed on this site previously was set to be 2,558 square feet. Papa Murphy's locations average between 1,200 and 1,400 square feet.

Add the extremes of those two numbers together and you arrive at 3,958 square feet of the original 12,900 square feet of retail space being filled. That leaves about 8,942 square feet (not be exact or anything) of space remaining. That's actually a good amount of space that could house a few other retailers or another retailer and a sit down restaurant.

It's known that Panera Bread, Chipotle, and Noodles & Company are actively scouting for new sites in Duluth for additional locations and all would be a perfect fit for Endi (all three could realistically fit). We're not placing any bets... but we're placing a bet... that there is a good chance that one of these restaurants might call Endi home in the future.


We wish we had more details for you... and trust us, we're working on it. At the moment we have yet to hear how much exact units will be renting for within the building but what we can say is that is that the studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom units will be priced between $1,000 and $3,000 per month. 

Construction as of January 29th | CDINDULUTH

Leasing has yet to officially begin for the project but will in a few months. Move-in will occur in late fall 2016 allowing residents to settle in before Christmas. Those lucky residents will be able to enjoy "extraordinary finishes, fabulous amentities, and breathtaking surises over the lake" according to the Endi's website. Some of those amenities include a private outdoor deck with seating, fire pits, grilling stations, and yoga platform. You can visit Endi's website here and sign up to be notified when leasing begins.

Leasing for the project will be handled by Pinnacle Living who will also manage the property. Pinnacle began in 1980 and to date is the largest operator of multifamily housing in the United States with 135,000 units and over 3,000 employees spread across the country. 

As always, check back to CDINDULUTH for more exciting details about this project and others within the Twin Ports!


Harbor Bay Flats project moves forward

The new 143 unit apartment project planned for a site on London Road and 21st Avenue East moved forward this week as the Duluth City Council voted to approve a $2.8 million subsidy for the project. 

The $36 million project is planned for a site that formerly housed a Burger King restaurant which originally was planned to be rebuilt with another retailer locating on site also. Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors are the ones behind the project, the group is composed of of two former OPUS employees (we reported on the project a while back, you can read that post here) who have extensive background in developing similar projects.

Dubbed "Harbor Bay Flats" work is projected to begin in June with a completion about a year away in 2016. The building will be five stories tall from the I-35 side of the project but will appear to be only two stories tall from the London Road side. That building will feature 13,000 square feet of retail space, spacewe still wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Caribou Coffee / Bruegger's location sprout up. We'll continue to cross our fingers.

Visit the PROJECT PAGE for more information on this project including detailed floor plans, renderings, and more. 

Former Central High School site officially has a buyer

The former Central High School officially has a buyer the Duluth News Tribune recently broke news of. The entire 77 acre site was purchased by a single buyer and there are already plans for development.  So who bought the property?

Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors to the tune of $10 million dollars. 

This is the second project for Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors (we're just going to call them Harbor Bay from now own). Now, if you're thinking to yourself that this name sounds familiar but you just can't peg it for some reason, well, you're right. Harbor Bay is also the company behind the 148 apartment unit project planned for 2100 London Road.

Who is Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors?

So who is Harbor Bay and why are you just beginning to hear about them? Well, they're a new team to the playing field but while the team may be new the players themselves are seasoned vets. 

Mark J. Bell

Mark J. Bell

Tom Lund

Tom Lund

The company offers services in three sectors; advising and consulting, investments, and development. This basically means they're a one stop shop.

Mark J. Bell and Tom Lund are the two behind Harbor Bay. Both individuals have quite an extensive background when it comes to development as both have worked for OPUS Group in the past. If you're unfamiliar with OPUS all you need to really know is that they are one of the top players when it comes to development. The company has completed projects all across the United States and quite a number of them are within Minneapolis itself.

Just to give you a figure of success for these two individuals, Tom and Mark combined have been part of developing over $1.5 BILLION in projects. Yeah, we think they know what they're doing.

 So now that you know their success, let's talk about how they are impacting Duluth.

Above: 2100 London Road is another project that Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors is behind within the Duluth area

Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors recently signed a purchase agreement for 800 East Central Entrance making it the second project for the company in the Duluth area (also 2100 London Road). The company purchased the site for $10 million which is about $3.7 million less than the originally asking price a number of years ago. Now it's time for them to redevelop it.

Now that they own it, what do they plan to do with it?


Detailed plans have yet to be made public and it is likely that it still will be many months before we begin to see renderings and site plans for the site. However, what we do know is that housing is in the works and lots of it.

"Versatile" housing options are being explored for the site meaning we won't just see one type housing constructed. Harbor Bay is responsible for a few apartment style projects and multifamily residential projects in the midwest. They also were the consultants for Latitude 45, a 13 story, 319 apartment unit project currently being constructed in Downtown Minneapolis. 

Above:   Latitude 45 or L45 being developed in Downtown Minneapolis.

Above: Latitude 45 or L45 being developed in Downtown Minneapolis.

While it is unclear at the moment whether or not current structures on site will be reused there are some likely candidates that could be. The former Secondary Technical Center could easily be reused due to its structural integrity and its stunning views. Part of the former Central High School also could be used for some type of redevelopment. The entire site spans 77 acres, so needless to say, there's a lot that can be done.

Construction at 800 East Central Entrance could begin as soon as Fall 2015.

Our View


This site has been so development ready since the day that Central High School closed that it has been a shame to see it just sitting there. To be honest, we couldn't be more thrilled that a company like Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors are the ones who snatched it up. The site is in good hands and we are certain something will be created that Duluth will truly be proud of.

Being "versatile" housing is planned for the site we think there are a few options of what could be. What we believe most likely will be the case is that due to the shear size of the site we might see some smaller housing development take place such as single family homes, town-homes, or row houses somewhere on site. Where on site these may be is hard to say. 

We also feel like there is significant potential for larger housing developments to take place. It wouldn't be that surprising if we see a couple of apartment projects, maybe even a condo development of some sort. The views from this site are unbelievable and hard to compare to anywhere else. Does this mean we could see some sort of taller structures spanning above six stories? It's very possible.

While the statement released by the school district states that housing will be developed, that doesn't rule out commercial development too as the site is currently zoned for that type of development also. We still think the site is fit for a higher end hotel of some sort (our dreams have it as a Westin) along with some shops and restaurants. There's potential to really make this it a destination.

However, as the now proud owners themselves have said, "the possibilities are endless."

Time will tell, until then we'd love to hear your wishes with a comment below.