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Planned Rue 21 store grows in size

Rue21 will still be opening a new store at the Miller Hill Mall however the exact plans have changed a little since we last reported back in December about the planned opening at the Miller Hill Mall. At that time the Rue 21 location was to be constructed in the former spaces of a dollar store and Radio Shack. Well, plans change and let us tell you first and formost Duluthians you're going to benefit from it.

Rue 21 will no longer be locating in the spaces mentioned above as Radio Shack will in fact NOT be closing their Duluth location after last minute corporate decisions saved the location at the Miller Hill Mall from the chopping block. That means Rue 21 needed to find a new place to set up shop within the mall but the search didn't take long as Deb Shops recently close their Duluth location after the company went bankrupt leaving a prime space for Rue21 to call home.

Above: Location of the new Rue21 location at the Miller Hill Mall.

The original space Rue21 was to open in was just over 6,000 square feet with about 5,000 of that being devoted to sales space. The new space in which Rue21 will open will be roughly 7,100 square feet and include 6,400 square feet of sales space. If you're keeping track that's a 1,400 square foot increase in selling space equating to roughly the size of a Hot Topic location. So yes, it will in fact make a difference.

Rue21's new locaiton will take over an existing storage space to the left of Deb which for the last few years has been used as mall storage and at one time as a space for a ProActive kiosk. The mall will however receive a portion of space towards the back of the vacated Deb space that will be used most likely for mall storage.

Above: Floor plan for the new Rue21 store location at the Miller Hill Mall.

The Duluth location will still feature girls and guys clothing along with accessories. The store format will be a little easier to navigate though due to the additional square footage and more of the space will be able to be used due to the straight storefront instead of the zig-zag one that would have been present in the former design.

The store interior will be split into mainly two areas with guys on the left side and girls on the right side. Gentlemen we're sorry to inform you that you'll get about a third of the sales space that the ladies will get. But hey, it's the thought that counts right?

Above: Interior graphics for the various fitting room designs

The interior overall design will feature an industrial design vibe. Ceilings will be left exposed with industrial styled pendant lights along with track lighting. Walls will be covered with various wallpaper designs featuring young individuals at concerts, patterned designs, and an abandoned loft. Each fitting room has a themed design including the following; "Club 21", "Skater", "Runway Model", "Rock Star" and "Princess". Walls will feature mostly a dark color scheme with pops of green, yellow, teal, and pink added. 

Work will begin on the space in May with an opening likely by the end of summer just in time for back to school shopping. That's right kids, before school has even ended we're already thinking about when you head back. We apologize for reminding you if you're reading but still want to remind your parents that summer only last three months. You. Can. Do it.  

Above: Rue21 store front design

Deb Shops closing Miller Hill Mall location

Deb Shops will be closing their Miller Hill Mall location in late February... that is if the merchandise lasts until then.

The closing is once again NOT related to poor sales at the Miller Hill Mall but rather due to a company wide bankruptcy that will result in the closure of ALL 337 Deb Shops locations nationwide. Deb Shops sold women's clothing and accessories under private labels and their own and catered to a large cliental.  The Duluth location also carried the Plus and Junior lines.

Deb Shops competition was Charlotte Russe, which opened a location about five years ago right next door, Wet Seal, which recently closed over 300 locations including their location at the Miller Hill Mall, and Rue21, which recently announced it will open a store at the Miller Hill Mall come this spring. Needless to say, the Miller Hill Mall might have been their worst nightmare competition wise.

While it is sad to see a tenant bid the mall farewell there is a silver lining. As we mentioned this closure is not due to poor sales at this location and that's a plus as it means the mall is doing well over all. As mentioned in our post "Miller Hill Mall: An outlook for 2015" that we posted this past week, the mall is currently in need of additional space for retailers.

The now closed Wet Seal location.

The now closed Wet Seal location.

Radio Shack and the retail space next door will be combined for a new Rue21 location to open this spring

Deb Shops occupied quite a large chunk of space in the JCPenney's wing. Their closure will result in the freeing of prime retail space within the mall and space that is large enough that it could be split in order to house two tenants. There also is a corridor to the left of the Deb space that could be absorbed for additional retail space if the need arises.

We'll see how things pan out after the closure of Deb next month and as always we'll keep you updated on new developments at the Miller Hill Mall and the rest of the Twin Ports right here at CDINDULUTH.