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Could Costco be coming to Duluth… this time for real?

Multiple sources are stating that Costco is working with a local real estate company to find a suitable site for building a new store within the area. At the moment it is rumored that three sites are in the running with one site in particular, at the corner of Haines Road and Arrowhead Road, having been named.

The site located at 4699 W Arrowhead Road has been listed for sale for a number of years by Holappa Commercial Real Estate. In total the site covers 54.2 acres which is much more space than what Costco typically would need. Costco stores on average are around 150,000 square feet which requires anywhere between 20-30 acres of land. However, the company does have some locations that around 250,000 square feet which require extra acreage. Now, just because there are 54 acres of land that doesn’t mean Costco would need to take all it and therefore could easily carve out a perfect acreage amount for their store.

4699 W Arrowhead Road  (Holappa Commercial Real Estate)

4699 W Arrowhead Road (Holappa Commercial Real Estate)

Costco is still expanding in Minnesota. The company just yesterday opened a brand-new 162,000 square foot store, the second largest in the state, in St. Cloud. Another, even bigger store, has been announced for the Twin Cities suburb of Eagan and is expected to open in late 2019/early 2020. Currently there are 10 other Costco locations within the state of Minnesota with the closet to Duluth being located in Baxter.

Costco plans to open 20+ new stores this year and is currently planning another 20 or more locations that would open by 2022. Duluth is currently not listed as a planned location.

Rumors of Costco coming to Duluth have been swirling for a number of years. We actually originally posted about the rumors back in 2016 when the company was said to be opening a store within the market that year or the following.

We have yet to hear of the other two sites within the area that Costco could potentially be looking at. As always, we want to remind our readers that at the moment this only a rumor. But hey, rumors become reality sometimes. Just take the recent confirmation of HomeGoods opening with Duluth as an example. 

We will be sure to post more information on our website about Costco coming to Duluth once more information is available. Until then, take a moment to check out our Development Map to see all of the other exciting projects under construction and planned for the Twin Ports.

Costco puts Duluth on their radar for 2016

Yes. You read correctly. If you're a Costco lover, and we know you're out there, we'll give you a moment to wipe the tear that was recently shed.

Duluth is officially on Costco's radar for a location to open tentatively in 2016.  Ok, it may be two years off, but hey... We wanted to give you a fair warning because after all, you're probably going to need to add that addition to your home in order to store all those good savings you'll encounter. That's right. It's time to create your own personal... Costco mini-warehouse. 

Unfamiliar with Costco? We don't blame you as there are no locations in Northern Minnesota and they're relatively new to the Minnesota market. So then, you're probably wondering...what IS Costco like? Two words. Sam's Club. Literally... almost to T. Except (like the Walmart / Target color scheme) you'll find a red theme spread throughout Costco stores, polar opposite of the blue seen in Sam's Club locations. You'll also find a whole new "house brand" by Costco called "Kirkland's Signature Brand." While Sam's Club is still the largest warehouse retailer in the U.S. store count wise, Costco has the largest total sales volume out of any warehouse retailer in the U.S. We're talking total annual sales near $97...billion.


Costco works essentially the same way as Sam's Club. You'll find low prices and items in bulk. The stores tend to only carry one brand of a product, meaning you aren't going to find eight brands of toothpaste. You'll find one, or maybe two if the house brand has a toothpaste product of their own. Oh yeah, your package will also probably include three tubes of toothpaste because let's be honest... it never goes bad, right?

Costco works on a member basis like Sam's Club... meaning... you've got to be a Costco member to shop there. Memberships start at $55 a year and each member can bring up to two guests. However, the member is the only person allowed to pay for the purchases. There also is only ONE credit card accepted; American Express. All other payments must either be debit card based, otherwise by cash or check, or a Costco Cash Card.


One thing that Costco is known for (something that sets them apart from Sam's club) are their in house services. Yes, they have the typical services like a photo center, pharmacy, liquor store, food services, gas station and optical center... but Costco also has investment brokers, a travel agency, insurance agents, and even construction services.


Currently the company has over 450 locations in the U.S, including eight locations in Minnesota (six in the Twin Cities area, one in Baxter, and one in Rochester). 

So what does it exactly mean when we say Costco has Duluth on their radar for 2016? It means that the are actively looking at the Duluth market for a new location. The company is currently looking within Duluth to find site large enough to construct the typical 150,000+ square foot store. However, good news is that they feel as if they are close to securing a space and therefore hope to have a location open in Duluth by 2016. Have a site in mind? Let's Talk.

So Duluthians, consider yourself warned. Costco is coming. Begin your preparations for savings now.