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Second Duluth Chipotle location on the way... hopefully.

Duluth's second Chipotle location could be be open by early next year if all our burrito dreams come true.

It was never really a question of "if" Chipotle would open a second location in Duluth, rather it was more so "when". Even before the company opened their first Northland location last year at the Miller Hill Mall it was clear that Duluthians loved themselves some Chipotle. But let's be honest, who doesn't?

Chipotle will officially celebrate a year of being open in late June and even before that year is complete sources are saying that the company already has plans for an additional location in Duluth. Or do they?

Fox 21 recently spoke on the planned opening while reporting on a job fair that Chipotle recently hosted. That job fair invited interested candidates to come to any of the company's midwest locations to interview, which includes the over 50 locations in Minnesota alone.

Our minds ablaze with the thought of another Chipotle location in mind we quickly got in touch with Chipotle's Headquarters. We emailed our "friend in the burrito biz" as she calls herself, Tara, who replied with a quick response. "I did some checking, and I don't see anywhere that we're planning on opening up a new restaurant in Duluth or Superior" she told us.


That's right, you did in fact read correctly, she said that there are no plans for a new location in Duluth. So how could that be if it was already announced that there was in fact a location set to open in 2016? 

Here's the thing, there's one thing we have learned about Chipotle over time and it's the following.

Chipotle loves the "hush hush" style of communication when it comes to their new locations, which we don't blame them. It seems that they really won't identify that a location is in fact opening until the sign is hanging above the door.

We saw this with the first Duluth location that we reported was coming over a year in advance yet the company would not confirm the opening until about six months later.

It makes sense though. It's better to be safe then sorry as sometimes there can be hiccups when it comes to leases or there can be major construction set backs. We also experienced this with the location at the Miller Hill Mall as it's opening was pushed back multiple times due to a delay in kitchen equipment arriving.

Above: Chipotle's only Duluth location at the Miller Hill Mall.


We're still confident that Duluth has another Chipotle in the works, to be honest we think there might be a few additional Chipotle locations in the works (Yes, Superior your day will come soon). As always with things here at CDINDULUTH we try our best to find out every little detail we can as quick as we can.

We're not saying anything is set in stone regarding the exact location of the new Chipotle but we are placing our bets on East Duluth, specifically the area near the colleges. Let's be honest, College students love their burritos and they really love their Chipotle.

Likely developments that Chipotle could call home would be the Shops at Bluestone in their next retail phase that would be potentially be ready late next year. There's also the recently announced Kenwood Village development developed by United Properties which would be ready for occupancy by next summer. 


Ahh yes burrito lovers you are correct there is another area that Chipotle would be perfectly suited for and that's Downtown Duluth. There's quite a number of suitable spaces that Chipotle could locate in but we think that if they were to head Downtown it would be a location on Superior Street for sure. 

There's also the new Maurice's headquarters and the 20,000 square feet of commercial space that is available on the first floor. It seems pretty logical that Chipotle might want to open a location on the first floor of a building that has 600 workers located directly above. Completion on the Maurice's headquarters will be by the first quarter of 2016.


We do have sources confirming that an additional Chipotle location will in fact open in 2016 as Fox 21 mentioned and regardless of what company officials are able to say at the moment. 

We'll keep you updated regarding all the news that we here at CDINDULUTH are able to uncover about the Twin Ports second Chipotle location. 

In the mean time we think it's quite logical to head to Chipotle to celebrate this news from the burrito gods. They're open until 10pm today at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth so really there's no excuse.

Get those burrito smackin' lips ready. It's time to get your grub on.

It's official. After years and years of Duluthians wishing, hoping, dreaming, even pleading with two specific burrito joints about coming to Duluth... the prayers have been answered. Those petitions have not gone unnoticed! We reported last month that Chipotle planned to construct a store at the Miller Hill Mall and we can officially say today that our word was true (as we always try to be). Original rumors were that Chipotle was going to build a free standing location in the malls front parking lot, however the exact location within (or outside) the Miller Hill Mall still has yet to be announced. Chipotle officials have confirmed that the Miller Hill Mall location will open in March 2014.

This comes just a day after Chipotle's competition Qdoba announced that they too are opening a restaurant in the Duluth area in 2014. It looks like there's about to be a burrito showdown in the Twin Ports... but let's be honest, that's never a bad thing.

As always, we'll keep you updated with the latest news as we find out!

Until then... Happy Burrito Dreams.

That grumble that's been in your stomach... it's about to filled!

What in the world could fill the 1,000's of grumbles coming from the empty stomachs of Duluthian's for years now? Well. It's a place we're pretty sure every Duluthian has been wishing, hoping, praying,  and even trying to persuade with money, to open in the area. Yes. This is the post. Yes. Chipotle has finally put Duluth on their expansion map.

We've been hearing rumors for the last couple of years that Chipotle was planning to enter the Duluth market with a location near the Miller Hill Mall. That seems to be the safest area for a new restaurant or retailer to enter the Duluth market we've all learned in the past few years. It's often said that whenever a Noodles and Company opens up, a Panera Bread and Chipotle are soon to follow. It's like they are a set of triplets, obviously not identical, rather fraternal... if that's even possible in the world of food. Noodles opened its first Duluth location last year, with Panera Bread officially announcing its first Duluth location this past spring (which is under construction right now), and if the timing is right (which we feel that this might be for real this time) Chipotle should be announcing something within the next two months. On a side note pertaining to Noodles and Company... they're doing well. As in extremely well. As in one of the top performing locations in the country. As in we are beginning to hear talks of another location opening in the area. What's better than one Noodles? Two. Duh.

But back to the deliciousness of Chipotle. Where, oh where, could this jewel of an eatery be going? We've basically heard every possible location in the city over the past few years. From West Duluth to East Duluth, Canal Park to Superior Street, the airport area, to even the food court. Over time we've been able to come in close contact with various sources... and our most recent source maybe the most verified relayer of Chipotle information that we have ever encountered. So you probably are curious as to where this is going? "Cut to the chase already" is probably what you're chanting. Calm down... and let your eyes feast on the words below.

Sources are beginning to confirm that Chipotle plans to open at the Miller Hill Mall in late 2014 / early 2015. What is surprising about this news is that they are not planning on opening in the most logical spot. The spot we're referring to is the vacant space next to Noodles and Company. No, apparently the mall still is in negotiations on a lease for that space (we're not sure if it's still a Mongolian Grill joint as they had originally spoken of). Instead Chipotle wants a 100% custom built location, which probably makes sense as Duluthians have been waiting what seems to be a lifetime for the mexican grill chain to make its way north. After all, they do have over 40 locations in Minnesota. It's about time they share the love. What sources are saying is that Chipotle will soon be presenting plans to the Duluth Planning Commission for a new free standing building to built in the front parking lot of the Miller Hill Mall. Sources have said that they location would be built in existing parking area to the left of Pioneer Bank.

This is still a developing topic obviously, but we are happy to say that we actually feel quite confident in this news. As with any news (we try to bring you the first retail development news always) there are small chances that something could go wrong. However, the sources we are dealing with are saying that this will be verified in the next two months and an official announcement will come soon.

Great news , right? We think so (and so do our bellies).

It gets better. What our sources also confirmed is that Chipotle really is excited to come to Duluth. As in extremely excited. They know the city will welcome Chipotle with wide open burrito loving arms and that's why they've already started floating plans for a second Duluth location.  Can you guess where? Eh, let's just make it one Chipotle post and tell you right now! After what has seemed to be a year of speculation about this site, sources are confirming that Chipotle is eyeing a space within the Shops at Bluestone (the retail component that will be constructed in front of the recently constructed Bluestone Lofts off of Woodland Avenue in 2014/15). The area is a big draw for Chipotle obviously due to the high population of college students, many which come from a place that already has a Chipotle location. So needless to say, they're hungry. The second location's details are a little more fuzzy and have yet to be confirmed. However, we will keep it on our radar and be sure to post whatever updates we can.

As always, we'll make sure to bring the first news on Chipotle whenever we can get the details right here to cdinduluth! Until then... start working on those belly exercises to expand those stomachs.... because behemoth  burritos are coming to town.