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NOW OPEN: Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's opened the doors to their newest, and also their third, Duluth location a few weeks ago at the Shops at BlueStone on Woodland Avenue.

The new location features the most current Jimmy John's prototype which had yet to debut within the Twin Ports market. Customers will notice a heavy use of graphics within the store whether it be on the walls or the tables. In fact those tables are fully branded with all the quirky sayings that Jimmy John's is known for.

While the new location is on the smaller side regarding size it doesn't feel that with way due to the immense ceiling height. There's also good reason for the smaller size as the Shops at BlueStone location has something the others don't; a drive thru. That's ride, no need to get out of the vehicle now in order to get your favorite sub and of course you still have the ability to tap into their freaky fast delivery.

Jimmy John's continues to be on the look out for additional Twin Ports locations including a location near the Miller Hill Mall. 

We've included some pictures below of the new Jimmy John's location.