Is a burrito showdown about to occur? One chain makes their plans public.

Well. Looks like one burrito joint has made it's expansion plans to Duluth public.... And let's just say if the Chipotle rumors are true, there's about to be a burrito showdown. Qdoba Mexican Grill has officially started looking for managers for their new Duluth location that will be opening soon. We heard a few months ago that there were plans for a Duluth location, but to be honest, this one slipped right under our burrito loving noses! The exact location still is up in the air, however some sources are saying that Qdoba may in fact be the burrito joint planned for Bluestone Lofts and that Chipotle plans may have fizzled. We keep hearing contradicting sides to the argument and have yet to have a 100% on which oversized and deliciously made burrito restaurant will be opening in the space. However, if you have managerial experience and are a burrito connoisseur, the perfect job is now available for your enjoyment.

We'll be back hopefully tomorrow with the exact location in which Qdoba will be opening it's Duluth restaurant. Our tastebuds can hardly wait to have those delicious steak queso burritos in such close distance!