Hello new Coach store... and others.

We visited the new Coach store this weekend and were fairly impressed. It follows their typical store prototype design that was introduced a few years back and is covered in in tons of cremes, whites, and blacks. The inside is laden with purses and accessories galore, the world's softest carpet (at least we think) and even a men's line! We've included some photos of the new store below just incase you were dying of anticipation. We also uploaded pictures of the new Motherhood Maternity store, the new Spencer's, and the official box out for Express. It looks as if the mall may in fact be taking over a portion of the restrooms on that end of the mall for new Express store. The mall site plan shows a portion of the available space left over from the former Walgreen's store on the interior of the mall as now being subdivided, while it also shows a portion of the former restrooms also remaining. Makes us wonder if they are going to move the mall restrooms to the JCPenney side of the mall or if a new tenant may be on it's way in. Only time will tell.... Oh, and construction documents.

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