In 2008 we posed on a question on City Data forum. It was simple. "What new stores are coming to Duluth?" The response and interest in that one question was overwhelming and two years later after nearly 100,000 views that question inspired a Wordpress site in February 2010. The point of that site was to provide the latest in Twin Ports development news.

Today things are a little different as CDINDULUTH has continued to grow into what has become the Twin Ports premiere website for development news. At the start of 2014 we debuted a full website that was completely devoted to the topic of development news. From there Duluth has continued to support CDINDULUTH and helped it grow into what you see today.

In 2019 we began a new chapter, transforming and becoming part of The Development Tracker family.


We're development lovers. There's something exciting, intriguing, and ultimately inspiring about seeing a blank canvas (or construction site in our case) being made into something new. It's always a positive thing to see your community growing knowing that a prosperous future lies ahead.

Our website provides the latest in developments news through our featured blog. We offer what we like to think is a different to development news. You may be familiar with the NIMBY's (Not In My Back Yard) and the YIMBY's (Yes In My Back Yard), well, we like to think of ourselves as the "middle man". We promote development that not only is positive and in the best interest for the community, but also development that will keeps the citizen in mind.

What's makes The Development Tracker | Duluth different from a conventional news sources is that we are also much more than just a news site. We offer an in depth look into the development currently happening within the Twin Ports. Some of the features available on our website include an interactive Development Map, Construction Galleries that show the latest project photos, ways to submit contacts, photos, and projects, and so much more!


This is one of the most important ideas behind The Development Tracker | Duluth.

We are here to provide latest in development news regarding the area in which you live, once lived, or simply have an interest in. While our website over the years has began to be accessed by businesses, ceos, landlords, tourists, and just about ever individual one could possibly imagine, it doesn't mean we have lost our roots.

What we hope you are able to take away from The Development Tracker | Duluth is a general understanding of how the community around you is changing. We hope that the information provided within this website continues to help you understand your community and excite you to see what the future holds for not only Duluth, but the entire Twin Ports area.