That freaky fast sub delivery is about to get even faster!

Image Are you a lover of Jimmy Johns but don't live anywhere near their current East Duluth location in the Plaza Shopping Center? As if that isn't bad enough, when you call to get those delicious subs delivered to you in a freaky fast amount of time do they tell you that you are outside of their delivery zone? Have no fear! Jimmy John's soon will be near!

After opening in Duluth in the early 2000's (not sure of the year), Jimmy John's FINALLY is adding a second Duluth location. Yes, in our minds too for the past five years we've been thinking why haven't they added a second location (sometimes even contemplating taking the matters into our own hands)? But finally all our dreams of delicious subs being delivered to us in the comforts of our heated home will come true.

So where exactly have the area's franchisees decided for the new Jimmy John's to set up shop? Well, only in the most logical place of course... on the opposite side of town from their current location, in West Duluth's Plaza Denfeld Plaza. They will be taking a portion of the former Hollywood Video space that has been vacant for a few years now.  Job applications have been posted online for the new West Duluth location and soon all that deliciousness will only be a phone call away for ALL (well, most) Duluthians.

Let the sub celebrations begin.